Popular Tufting Tools You Need To Know

Popular Tufting Tools You Need To Know


Tufting has evolved over the years to become one of the most sought-after types of business in the world. While hand-tufted products are believed to be better, it may be costly and time-consuming to hand-tuft on a large scale.

To address speed, quality and  the need for more trendy and classy designs, many tufting tools have been introduced into the market to bolster operations. Unlike earlier when buyers would wait longer for custom tufted products, tufting tools are now available to speed up the tufting process.

With tufting tools, you can create several products with ease. Therefore if you intend to venture into large-scale production of tufted products, using tufting tools is an ideal option. However, the choice of tufting tool is heavily dependent on the design, quality, material, and the number of tufted objects that you intend to create.

Demand  in the tufting tool market  has been increasing over the years. This is attributed to evolving technology and trends that  has shaped the  tufting industry. In this article, we explore some of  the most popular tufting tools that you can leverage to boost your tufting hustle.

Tufting Frame

Before you get started with tufting, you should first consider creating a tufting frame. If you do not have the required tools needed to create a tufting frame, you can opt for a ready frame kit. There are an array of online platforms where you can buy tufting frames.

Some of the websites that you can buy tufting frames from include Etsy and Tuft the World. On the other hand, creating a tufting frame may be easier if you can manage to assemble a few tools needed.

If you are just starting with tufting, you can choose a smaller tufting frame. This is because beginners may find it easy to work with smaller frames compared to more experienced tufters.

Tufting Cloth

The most important element in the tufting process is a tufting cloth. While this cloth is ofsted underscored, it provides a surface under which a tufting gun moves. Additionally, a tufting cloth attaches the yarn pieces to the cloth and creates a rug.

In this case the fabric used should be made of flexible materials that contain small holes on them. This allows free movement of the tufting gun without damaging the fabric.

While there are many types of tufting cloth that tufters use, the most popular one is the primary tufting type. Others include Burlap and monk cloth. While the importance of these cloths vary, the primary tufting cloth has the best quality.

Tufting  Gun

A tufting gun is one of the most important tools in the tufting process. Even though a tufting gun makes the tufting process easy, it makes tufting expensive for those who are yet to get started with tufting.

However , it is good to note that there are many types of tufting guns available in the market. Some of them include.

  • Loop Pile Gun
  • Cut and Pile Gun
  • Cut Pile Gun

From the list above, the cut pile gun is the most popular since it is user friendly, especially for beginners. The tool is available in most online stores including  tuftigun.com  and many other online platforms.

Even though  shipping  can be  costly if you aren't located in the service areas, it is worth the price since it enables users to create large scale tufting designs at low-cost labour.


The quality of the tufted product you intend to create is dependent on  the type of yarn you choose. In-fact before you choose a yarn, it is important to figure out the purpose of the rug you intend to create.

Some of the questions you need to ask yourself are whether the rug you intend to create is meant for use on the floor, wall or whether it is flexible to serve different functions. Some of the yarns available in the market include silk yarn, cotton yarn, wool yarn and many others.

For example wool  yarn is more popular  especially in creating durable rugs. Today, the acrylic yarn is widely used since it is not only affordable but also easy to use. Different types of yarns can easily be found on online stores.

While  yarns can easily be found in local stores, you can also look out for  high quality materials from  tuftigun.com. However, the  choice  of  material  is dependent on its use. As  such, it is important to first identify what rug or tufted product is likely to be used before choosing the material. This will make it easy for  you to create tufted materials that best suit the target market.


While scissors can be underestimated in the tufting process, it creates a big difference in the tufting process. Trimming the tufted objects  makes  it  look neat at the end of the tufting process. For example, tufters can trim the piles on the tufted objects using a pair of scissors.

Instead of investing more resources in buying a trimming tool, you can opt for a  pair of scissors. You can find scissors at a  local shop or on many online platforms.


If you aren't good with freehand drawing a projector can be an ideal option if you intend to create more complex designs. In case you do not want to spend on a projector, you can choose to print the designs then trace the lines to the primary tufting cloth.

Carpet Shave Clippers

A carpet shave plays  a significant role  in the tufting process. The tool enables  users  to trim the rug surface to  have a  more appealing outlook. As discussed earlier, the process can easily be done with a dedicated tool or a pair of scissors.

Yarn Winder

Even though yarn winder is  a simple tool, it can speed up the  tufting  process. In case the yarn isn't loose, it can  get out  of  the thread. While placing back the loose yarn can look simple, it can cause friction hence making the tufting process longer than normal.

The tool is a good addition to the tufting process since it makes the tufting  process smoother and faster. Most of these tools can easily be found on online platforms.


The tufting  process  can  be made easier  if you  use   the  right  tools. That  way, you  will not  only be able to speed up the tufting process but  also improve efficiency. Therefore if you are stuck on how to get started with tufting,  it is high time you check out the  tools explored in this article.

 With tufting, you can be able to create custom designs for your home and turn  your artwork into income. All this is dependent on the type of tools and materials you choose to use. As such, this article offers important insights that beginners can leverage to kick-start their tufting business.

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