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What Is The Difference Between Cut Pile and Loop Pile Tufting Gun?

by Aamir Javeed 04 May 2023

While hand tufting has been around since ancient times, the  craft has moved to the next level with the introduction of tufting guns. Typically, tufting guns not only speed up the tufting process but also improves the quality of tufted products.

Today tufters can easily create multiple carpets, Rugs, and other tufted products in a couple of minutes. Owing to a sharp increase in demand for tufted products, the industry has blossomed into a multimillion-dollar market.

The tufting market is poised to grow by double digits due to a demand for sustainable and eco-friendly Rugs and carpets. Even though you can do tufting as a hobby, established tufters are now earning a steady income from the craft. All you need is a little capital to buy the required textile and jump on the bandwagon.

With a Tufting gun, you can easily automate the Tufting process and easily create different types of products. A  tufting machine enables users to easily create loops of yarn through the primary backing material. This is contrary to the traditional tufting technique since it is efficient and fast.

Generally, there's a high possibility of earning impressive income from making custom carpets and Rugs. Unlike conventional carpets, tufted carpets are durable due to their high density. With the tufting market expanding each day, various tufting techniques have been adopted to fast track the tufting process.

Each of the tufting techniques available in the market is dependent on the type of products you intend to make. The quality and designs of tufted products vary depending on the tufting style used to create them.

In this article, we explore the difference between cut pile and loop pile tufting Guns.

 Cut Pile Tufting  Gun

A cut Pile is usually created when a string is pushed through a cloth and then cutter result after cutting is usually an upright pile where the  ends of  the fibers are exposed. Users  can easily adjust the string length on the tufting gun between 7-20 mm.

As such, a  cut pile sits loose on  the backing cloth and  can be pulled out with ease. Cut pile carpets are the common types of products created by  this type of tufting gun. These types of carpets aren't a loop and instead sticks straight  up. These products are softer and more comfortable.

Unlike a loop pile machine that leaves the fabric as a loop, a cut pile machine cuts the loop after tufting. This is one of the major reason why cut pile tufted products  are regarded as softer compared to those made using loop pile tufting gun.

Similar to a sewing machine, a loop pile tufting gun enables users to create stunning  Rugs and carpets. With  a cut pile tool, you  can not only add a velvet-like appearance on the tufted area but also add dimension and texture to your fabric.

In larger-scale tufting, tufting speeds up the production process by shooting the pile yarn simultaneously. The good news about a tufting gun is that it is easy to use. Contrary to traditional tufted  Rugs and carpets that are prone to wear and tear, machine tufted Rugs  are durable.

However, the durability of your tufted carpet is heavily dependent on foot traffic, the type of material used and how you maintain it. All in all, tufted  Rugs can last longer as long as the right materials are used.

Loop Pile Tufting  Gun 

A Loop Pile tufting Gun is one of the most popular tufting machines around. It  is not only preferred by new tufters but also ideal for making various types of tufting products. The unique feature of loop Pile Rugs is that they are not only durable but can also withstand heavy foot traffic.

As such , loop pile carpets are an ideal option for use in stairs and hallways. Additionally, the carpet doesn't leave footprints or show vacuum masks. Due to the added complexity of designing loop pile carpets and the quality of materials used, they are a bit expensive compared to other types of tufted carpets.

Therefore if you  are looking for both elegance and quality, then this type of wallet is a perfect option. On the contrary, if you are looking for a more durable pile carpet for your home, using Nylon is a perfect option.

Generally, Nylon based carpet products is not only stain resistant but also durable. For those who need a carpet that suits pets and children, nylon carpets are a perfect option. These carpets are ideal for stairs and other foot traffic areas. While there are dozens of  pile carpets available in the marketplace, nylon provides better quality than any other material.

The bottom line is that a loop pile tufting gun is not only easy to use but also ready for use once delivered. Users can create soft 3D Rugs by simply adjusting the pile height from 4 to 14 mm. The lightly woven texture and packed fibers mean this type of carpet is hard to wear compared to cut-pile carpets that require regular maintenance. The piles usually bounce back with ease meaning they do not leave tracking marks when they are vacuumed.

Major differences

Cut Pile and loop pile tufting guns differ in many ways. For example, while cut piles string lengths extend from 7 to  20 mm, the loop piles length can be adjusted from 4 to 14 mm. The packed fibers and lightly woven texture mean products made using cut pile tufting are softer compared to those made from loop pile tufting gun.

In fact loop pile tufting guns make more complex and durable carpets. Therefore users who are looking for multipurpose and durable tufted material should consider loop pile tufted carpets and Rugs. This not only guarantees quality and durability but also an array of elegant designs.

Whichever tool you opt to use, the end product should adequately address the needs of the market. Those who are yet to get started with tufting should distinguish between the two to get value for money.

Besides speed, a good tufting gun should be able to create multiple designs. That way, users not only save on the cost of production but also improve the quality of tufted products released into the market.


While all tufting guns serve almost a similar purpose,  they function in different ways. As a result, the quality of materials produced varies in many ways. While a  loop pile tufting gun is ideal for creating durable carpets, cut Pile tufted designs are a good option for soft textures.

Therefore it is important to choose a tufting machine that best suits your needs. Whether you are looking for comfort or high-quality and durable carpets, the choice of a tufting gun determines the end product.


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